Russell Wilson Current wife is a stunning beauty and a renown personality across the United states of America. Russell on the other hand is a renown American football player who plays for the seattle seahawks as a quarterback. He is also one of the best and the highest paid players in the league. This article focuses on the biography of his second and current wife.

Full name of Russell Wilson Current wife

Singer Ciara

Russell Wilson Current Wife

More about the Couple:

Russell Wilson was earlier on married to Ashton Meem from the year 2012 to 2014. They later divorced for reasons best known to themselves. Russell married Ciara in the year 2016 and the two have been together since then. Indeed, behind every successful man, there is a supportive wife. To read more on Lamar Jackson’s girlfriend, click on Lamar Jackson’s Girlfriend: Her Biography, age, Ethnicity and Occupation

Russell Wilson Current wife and Children:

The two have been blessed with a son who is almost turning two years of age. The child is known as Win Harrison Wilson who was born in July 2020. The two also have a first born daughter who was born in 2917. Ciara has a 8 year old son from a pervious relationship with rapper Future.

Russell Wilson Current Wife

Russell Wilson Current wife; Social Media Handles

Ciara is a famous figure on Instagram, having over 33 million active followers under the account name ”ciara” which has a blue tic, verified by the Instagram Admin. To read more on Patrick Mahome’s girlfriend, click on Patrick Mahomes Biography, Girlfriend, age, Investments and Untold Facts


She has a very accomplished career in the music and film industry. She recently released her top 100 singles that have over 30 million records across the entire world. Click on on local news.

Russell Wilson Current Wife

Russell Wilson Current wife: Education:

Though little of her education life is known, she went to highschool in Georgia.

Russell Wilson Current wife: Net Worth

Being a successful musician, she has made a lot of wealth from the sale of her songs. According to the celebrity Net Worth rankings, she is estimated to be worth $20 million and still counting. To return to our main website, click on


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