The football industry is such a profitable one with clubs all over the world amusing great wealth from stadium tickets as well as funding from sponsors. Clubs also make wealth from the sale of their footballers to other clubs. Today, we shall be having a discussion on the richest football clubs in the world currently and their net worth. Take a look.

1. Barcelona Football Club (715.1 m Euros)

For quite some time, the club has had wealthy owners and loyal fans who support its finances every year. The club has also excelled in the transfer market, selling its stars to other clubs and thus earning money. The club has also won many domestic and international competitions, adding more wealth to their store and thus is one of the richest football clubs.

Richest Football Clubs

2. Real Madrid (714.9 m Euros)

Real Madrid indeed deserves its place at the top, having won the champions league many times and has won the La Liga a number of times. Its Arab owners are also rich thus pumping more money into their treasury.

A general view of Real Madrid flags on display outside the stadium grounds

3. Bayern Munich(635 m Euros)

Bayern Munich is no doubt a football giant. The club’s dominance in the Bundesliga has earned them a top slot at the most wealthy clubs in the world.

4. Manchester United( 580 m Euros)

The Glazers are still at the Manchester-based club despite protests from many fans. However, the club has maintained its financial lead despite not having won any major competition for years.

Richest Football Clubs

5. Chelsea Football Club. (520 m Euros)

The Current Champions of Europe have excelled financially too. Roman Abramovich must be one of the happiest club owners currently. Sponsors like Yokohama tires and the three company have continued pumping funds into the London-based club, making it one of the wealthiest in England and the entire world at large.

Richest Football Clubs

6. Manchester City. (510 m Euros)

The club has risen to glory for the past few years thanks to its Arab tycoons who have continuously pumped in money. The club has also performed excellently in domestic and international leagues



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