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Revealing Michael Jordan net worth and 7 major sources of income

THE michael jordan net worth

Michael Jordan net worth: Michael Jordan is a name synonymous with greatness in the world of basketball. Widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, Jordan’s impact extends far beyond the basketball court. He’s not only known for his skills on the hardwood but also for his astute business acumen. In this article, we’ll delve into the remarkable net worth of Michael Jordan and explore the seven major sources of his income.

Michael Jordan’s Net Worth:

As of our last knowledge update in September 2021, Michael Jordan’s net worth was estimated to be around $2.2 billion. However, it’s important to note that this figure may have changed since then due to various business ventures and investments. Let’s take a closer look at the sources of his income that have contributed to this impressive net worth.

  1. NBA Salary and Endorsements:

Jordan’s illustrious NBA career, primarily with the Chicago Bulls, saw him earn substantial salaries and lucrative endorsement deals. His partnership with Nike to create the Air Jordan brand revolutionized the sneaker industry and continues to generate significant income.

  1. Ownership of the Charlotte Hornets:

In 2010, Jordan acquired a majority ownership stake in the Charlotte Hornets, an NBA team. His ownership has not only increased the team’s value but has also been a steady source of income from team-related revenues and profits.

michael jordan net worth

  1. Jordan Brand:

The Air Jordan brand, a subsidiary of Nike, continues to be a massive income generator. With a wide range of products, including sneakers, clothing, and accessories, the Jordan Brand consistently ranks among the top-selling athletic brands globally.

  1. Endorsement Deals:

Even after his retirement from basketball, Jordan remained a sought-after celebrity endorser. He has endorsed numerous brands, including Gatorade, Hanes, and Coca-Cola, adding substantial earnings to his net worth.

  1. Movie and Media Ventures:

Michael Jordan’s fame extended to the big screen with the 1996 live-action/animated film “Space Jam.” He also co-owns the production company Jump 23, which has been involved in various media projects.

THE michael jordan net worth

  1. Restaurant Chains:

Jordan is associated with several restaurant chains, most notably Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse. These ventures have contributed to his net worth over the years.

FOR michael jordan net worth

  1. Real Estate Investments:

Jordan has invested significantly in real estate, owning luxury properties and commercial spaces. His real estate portfolio includes multimillion-dollar homes and a golf course community.


Michael Jordan’s net worth is a testament to his legendary status not only as a basketball player but also as a savvy entrepreneur and investor. His income streams encompass a diverse range of sources, from basketball-related earnings to successful business ventures. While his net worth continues to evolve, it is evident that Michael Jordan’s financial success is a result of his talent, hard work, and smart financial decisions. Whether through sneakers, endorsements, or ownership, the “Jumpman” remains a dominant figure in the world of sports and business.