'Apo sasa': Comrades Rejoice as William Ruto Promises the following on HELB Loan, if elected

Kenya is soon ending into the electioneering period and the political temperatures are rising as campaigns are intensifying. Very soon, campaigns will officially kick-off and various leaders will be busy either seeking an elective position or defending their seats. That aside, the 2022 elections will see William Ruto faceoff in a heated campaign with his former master Raila Odinga. It should be noted that the two worked together in the 2007 elections where Ruto Supported Raila in the presidential race. We have complied a list of reasons why we think Ruto will defeat Raila in the August Polls.

1. The Wetangula-Musalia Effect:

We all admit that Ruto really won big when Musalia Mudavadi and Wetangula decided to join his side. It is clear that a huge portion of the Western Region will rally behind Ruto due to the effect. This will end up reducing the Raila margin and Ruto might Triump.

Revealed: 5 Reasons why Ruto will defeat Raila in the August Elections

2. The Slopy Mountain:

For a long time, the Mount Kenya region has had the highest number of voters. Anyone who manages tp secure the region is headed to a big Victory in the August polls. There is no doubt to the fact that Ruto has done good work in trying to climb the mountain. Polls show that he is the most favorite candidate in the region.

3.The 10-Year Experience:

As far as the presidency is concerned, we can all agree that Ruto is more experienced, having served as the deputy for 10 years. Raila only served as a prime minister for 5 years. Ruto has interacted more with the system, has built more links, traveled more, has more resources at his disposal that might give him a huge win.

Revealed: 5 Reasons why Ruto will defeat Raila in the August Elections

4.The Winning Mentality:

It is said that Ruto is yet to lose in any election. He has never lost during his days as a member of Parliament. The winning streak is giving him more confidence in becoming the fifth.

5. Resources and Energy:

Presidential campaigns consume a high amount of money. I don’t see Ruto pulling a Mpesa Till number like the Nasa brigade did in 2017. He is energetic and has a huge allocation of resources for his campaign. Is it his time to rule us?


Raila will Defeat Ruto in the August Kenyan Elections for These Reasons

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