Rehab Centers in Kenya are becoming a daily need as many of our youths have indulged themselves in drugs and substance abuse. The need to build such centers as well as rescue centers is increasing each day. Additionally, our people are not only suffering from drug and substance abuse but also emotional damage and instability.

From the various researches I have conducted across the nation, many Kenyans are facing drug addiction. The problem is cutting across all ages but mostly affects teenagers. The commonly abused drugs in Kenya include bhang, cocaine, alcohol as well as Tobacco. To help drug addicts, there is a dire need to build juvenile rehabilitation centers as well as Christian rehabilitation centers. Here are some of the best rehabs in the country:

1. Freedom from Addiction Rehab Centre:

This is one of the best centers in the country where drug addicts receive a 24-hour intensive surveillance and help from specialized doctors, psychiatrists , counseling and nursing experts as well. You can reach them via their official website

2. Nairobi Place-Addiction treatment Centre:

This is a company that has helped many to reform and go back to their normal lifes after concurring drug addition. The Nairobi place provides full time treatment in accordance to the global and international standards.

3.SAPTA: Support for Addiction and Prevention in Africa:

This Rehab Centre being one of the best in the country has also specialized in HIV/AIDS care and treatment. This is meant to help those drug addicts who later found out that they have been infected with the deadly disease. The institution is like a moral supermarket where you can get everything you need.

4. The Kenyatta National Hospital;

Despite being a national referral hospital, the institution has specialized in the treatment of people suffering from drug addiction. You can email them via : or call 0730643000.

5. Fountain of Hope-Addiction treatment center:

It is an affordable Christian organization Centre that provides an all round wholesome treatment for drug addition and related cases.


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