Reece James’ Girlfriend photos are a usual occasion over the social media platforms. The lady is such a beautiful gem for a maestro footballer such as James. Reece is fast taking his defensive roles at Chelsea football club and is soon becoming one of the best right-backs to ever grace the English Premier League. This article is special coverage of Reece James’ Girlfriend Biography and everything you need to know of the queen dating your favorite footballer. Take a look.

Full name:

Mia McClenaghan

Place of Birth for Reece James’ Girlfriend

Have you noted that most footballers prefer to date ladies from their own country? Well, it doesn’t come as a surprise that McClenaghan is an England national, having been born in Chelmsford, Essex. However, she is a resident of London, England, just close to her fiancee who plays for Chelsea football club that is based in London.

Reece James' Girlfriend

Current Occupation for Reece James’ Girlfriend

Sources have told dailyfootballupdates that McClenaghan is a law student at the University of London since the year 2018. She is probably expected to graduate later this year.

Former working places

She has been an employee at LUSH cosmetics and has also been a volunteer at McKenzie. To read more on Chelsea’s Thiago Silva and his wife, click on Thiago Silva’s Wife Biography, Her age, Nationality and Occupation

Reece James' Girlfriend Reece James’ Girlfriend

Where did McClenaghan and James Meet?

The two lovebirds met when hanging out differently in London. They secretly admired each other, exchanged contacts and as it is said, the rest is history. To read more on local African news, click on

Reece James’ Girlfriend Instagram Handles:

Just like other fine University ladies, She too has a nice taste of fashion that is often described by the fancy clothes she posts on her Instagram channel. Here is her username @miamcclenaghan. To return to our main website, click on

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