Reason why Red Sea is Know by that name. Is it Really Red?

Reason why Red Sea is Know by that name. Is it Really Red?: I trust that you are safe and welcome to our daily posts. Mountains, lakes, or seas are frequently named after individuals who discovered them or their appearances. Today, I will share experiences and information with respect to why the red sea is known by that name.

The red sea is a seawater bay that channels or interfaces into the Indian Ocean. The sea is situated between Africa and Europe. Its north part has the Gulf of Suez. The Suez Canal is additionally situated in a similar sea and is one of the significant wellsprings of income for Egypt. Also, the old sea is referenced in the holy book as the pathway utilized by Israelites during their excursion from Egypt to Canaan.

Reason why Red Sea is Know by that name. Is it Really Red?

The old Greeks had named the sea the ”Erythrn Thalassa”. Of the multitude of seas that are associated with a sea, the Red ocean is the saltiest of all. Numerous researchers present a speculation that guarantees the ocean was named the ”Red Sea” since it contains a cyanobacterium that turns the water to a rosy earthy colored tone.

Further, the red sea has been found out to cover nearly 438,000 square kilometers. At its widest part, the sea has a total length of 335 kilometers, proving by all means that it is indeed gigantic. The sea was discovered by the ancient Egyptians who tried to establish a commercial route to Punt. During the roman era, the sea was very favorable for the Roman trade with India.

Reason why Red Sea is Know by that name. Is it Really Red?

Water from the Red sea has been found to be very useful. It is used by the Oil refineries and cement factories to cool their machines. At least 18 desalination plants are found along the Read sea towards the coast of Saudi Arabia. The plants discharge brine and treatment chemicals that kill corals, bleach and further cause diseases in fish.



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