Recover/reset Gmail Password in very few steps: We must all agree that passwords are very terrible and easily forgettable. How i long for a time when we won’t need to remember passwords. A time when the system will be fully encrypted to remember every key detail. What happens when you forget all your passwords and need to recover Gmail password? Here are few tips:

Why Gmail is good and secure:

Gmail remains one of the most favorite email platform in the entire world. Their site has got over 438,000,000 searches a month, meaning that the site is very busy and  quite engaged. Gmail remains to be the cornerstone of google’s online presence.

Gmail standard Recovery Procedure: Recover/reset Gmail Password

1.You will have to click on the forgot password link that is available at the Gmail sign in page.

2.Do you happen to remember bits of the old password? Well, if you happen to do so, things might be simpler for you. Or else if you can’t remember any part of the password, you have to try the option of ”Try a different question”

3.Enter the secondary/recovery email address that you set during the opening of the account.

How to secure your Gmail account

We all understand that a Gmail account could contain very sensitive information that when lost could lead to multiple destructions. Do you need an extra security for your Gmail account? If yes, google will ask you to check the security settings associated with your Gmail account. Then, it will ask you to add the phone number an a back up email. How will this help you? In future, you can easily unlock your account using a 6-digit pin to recover/reset Gmail Password.

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