Ruger is one of the celebrated musicians in Africa and across the world. The fast-rising Nigerian artist has been the talk of the town for his afrobeat songs that have earned him a place among the top musicians in the world. On normal occasions, we would expect one to wear an eyepatch to hide an injured eye. However, that seems not to be the case with Ruger. In an interview, here is what he had to say:

Reason Why Musician Ruger Wears an Eyepatch

Habitually, many know Ruger for his black patch over his left eye. However, he has reveled to us that the eye patch is part of his fashion and lifestyle. Through the interview, Ruger has reveled that the main reason as to why he wears an eye patch is because it is part of his brand.

Ruger Bio and Full Names:

Michael Adebayo Olayinka are the full names of the popular Nigerian Musician known as Ruger.

Ruger’s age and Year of Birth:

Honestly, I thought Ruger was around 30 years or more. At just less than 23 years, he had achieved many things in life. He was born on 23rd of September in the year 1999.

When did Ruger Begin singing:

Ruger begun his commercial music singing in the year 2020. Through the two or three years, he has won many international awards including the Most promising African artist of the year.

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