Queene Elizabeth is one of the most influential figures around the world. She has got all it takes to lead. Her stunning beauty is still visible despite her old age. Many have described her as the immortal one, owing to her old age, yet looking so fine and healthy. It seems that the England government is taking a good care of the monarch.

Queene Elizabeth

Queene Elizabeth has observed England football grow from the dark days and now to the modern days. Her leadership has supported the growth of vibrate football clubs in England and the league has been ranked as the best in the entire world. Today, we take a look at her favorite football club and the reason she supports it.

It took long for the world to know which football club does the queene support. Some thought that it might be a high-end club but alas, it is one of the middle-aged clubs in England, not so powerful, yet influential in its own way.

Queene Elizabeth

In the year 2009, the Queen revealed that she is a strong supporter of West Ham football club. However, she wanted to seem neutral so as to give all clubs an equal chance. In a detailed interview, the queen Elizabeth claimed that her love for West Ham dates back to the ’70s when Ron Greenwood was in charge of the club.

It should be noted that the loyal family are big fans of football. On several occasions, the princes of England have been seen publicly watching games in various stadiums. Thanks for reading.




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