Qatar Worldcup 2022 Magnificent Stadiums: Qatar is an oil-rich middle east country that has an excellent economy due to the oil exported into the global oil market. The desert country is a gem despite the harsh weather conditions. That aside, the country was selected a couple of years ago to host the 2022 world cup. I must say that I am impressed by the preparations laid aside by the Qatari government to ensure that the one-month competition is a success. Today, I decided to focus on that artistic masterpiece state of art stadiums being build in correspondence to the world cup. Take a look.

1. The Al Thumama Stadium.

It has a sitting capacity of 40,000 fans and will host group matches, up to the quarter-finals. The stadium is designed in a way to mimic the traditional woven cap won by Arab males. A higher percentage of residents in Qatari are Arabs.

2. The Education city stadium(Qatar Worldcup 2022 Magnificent Stadiums).

The stadium is known by that name since most of the leading Universities in Qatar are found in that region. The stadium is also home to the Qatar women’s national football team. The stadium has a sitting capacity of 40,000 fans.

3. Al Wakrah Stadium.

It is designed to mimic the dhow boast commonly used by fishermen. The stadium has a capacity of 40,000 and will be used for world cup matches up to the quarter-finals stage.

4. The iconic Lusail Stadium(Qatar Worldcup 2022 Magnificent Stadiums).

Here is the largest stadium in Qatar and one of the best of its kind. The stadium has an amazing sitting capacity of 80,000 fans and will be used for the world cup final. The facility is yet to be opened in late 2021.

5. Al Bayt Stadium.

Personally, I would vote for this stadium as one of the best. It indeed reflects the culture of the nomads who live in tents. The stadium from the outside looks like a huge tent. It has a capacity of 60,000 fans and will host matches up to the Semi-Finals.

6. Al Rayyan Stadium.

Has a sitting capacity of 40,000 fans and will host matches up to the quarter-finals.

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