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Premier League is one of the Lucrative leagues in the entire world. The league has grown to be very competitive thanks to the upcoming of world-class clubs such as Chelsea Fc, Manchester United, Liverpool, and others. This season’s league began in August and will be played till April 2022. It is one of the most competitive leagues since no club is unbeaten so far.

Medium clubs such as Brighton are fast upcoming and are a threat to the so-called big four. Newcastle United is another threat, owing to the fact that there has been a change in ownership at the club, meaning more resources are likely to be channeled in. With this, the club is aiming to be among the big four, and for that to occur, we must displace one of the teams. This article seeks to analyze clubs that are likely to win the current EPL. To return to our main website, click on:

Premier League

1. Chelsea Football Club.

The London-based blues are the most likely ones to win the EPL. Before the international break, they were currently on top of the league table, having conceded very few goals and none from fair play. The current champions of Europe are in high spirits, having won the Champions League and the super cup. There is definitely no doubt that they will add another trophy to their cabinet.

2. Liverpool FC

The Jurgen Kropp-led team is in high spirits as well. They have got the skills and the world-class players need to deliver the trophy to Anfield.

3. Manchester City

The citizens definitely will pose a key threat to the Premier League. They are one of the key contenders of the prestigious premier league and Pep is not taking any chance to spare the trophy. To read more on biographies, click on

4. Manchester United.

Despite many ups and downs, a serious soccer coach will agree with me that Manchester United is among the title contenders. Let’s wait and see. To read more on manchester united owners click on:

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