Premier League is ranked as the most competitive and populous football league in the world. It has billions of supporters drawn from all continents of the world and is probably the third$8. most watched football event after the world cup and the UEFA champions league. For every world-class football club, there is a dire need for a world-class football manager to ensure the clubs post impressive results all time. The English Premier League has a number of world-class football clubs managed by expertise coaches and club managers. This article seeks to analyze the highest-paid football managers in the Premier League and how much they earn in a week.

6. Thomas Tuchel (Chelsea Fc)($8.5 million Annually)

TT has lived up his dream to create a team that no one wants to play with. Chelsea is enjoying the season with massive wins and more to come.

5. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (Manchester United) ($ 9 million annually)

He came in as a caretaker coach bt since then, he established himself as one of the world-class coaches the world has seen. To read more on Bruno Fernandez wife, click on:

Premier League

4. Marcelo Bielsa (Leeds United) ($9.7 million annually)

Leeds is currently on form and their performance is quite impressive, thanks to Marcelo Bielsa who is currently sharpening his boys to perform even better.

3. Brendan Rodgers( Leicester City, Premier League) ($12 million annually)

The king power owners have trusted their resources on Brendan Rodgers and he is indeed delivering. To receive help with your course work and assignment, click on:

2.Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool) ($18 million)

The Liverpool boss is no doubt a world-class fellow. He deserved the salary, having won the premier league and the champions league as well.

1. Pep Guardiola (Manchester City, Premier League) ($24 million annually)

Premier League

Have you watched Manchester City play? You can attest with me that they are one of the finest clubs we have got in the EPL currently thanks to the management under Pep Guardiola. To read more on clubs with the highest fans in EPL, click on


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