Poverty is one of the greatest enemies of the human beings. Honestly, we all hate being associated with any form of poverty, may it be monetary poverty or brain poverty. Equally, if you are a poor man, no lady will love to be associated with you. You will probably die single without kids. To avoid all these scenario, I have analyzed 6 things that can keep a man in the circle of poverty. Take note of the following:


Truth be told, alcohol will reap you off your income and you will begin swimming in abject poverty. The worst thing about alcohol is that it creates addiction which makes you take even more and more of the liquor. If there is an habit that can forever make a man poor, then it is indulging in alcoholism.


Gambling has made a few millionaires and majority have been turned into poor men and women. Have you ever asked yourself why the owners of Gambling companies are always buying new vehicles and choppers. It means that the industry is very lucrative and that they are ”eating your money”

3.Your ring of friends.

The friends you keep around you determine your future and current investments. Always hanging out with friends is time wasting. You need your own private time to think of your self and investments. Sometimes, loneliness attracts superb business ideas.

4.Negative thinking.

Always seeing yourself as a failure actually means you are going no where. Even God in the Bible told Moses that the far you see is what you will possess. Always see yourself successful and manifestation will soon occur.

5.Having too many boyfriends/girlfriends

Hanging out with members of the opposite sex is very good and healthy. However, having too many partners/lovers is one of the easiest ways to go bankrupt. Remember all will be needing favors from your already empty pockets, straining you even the more.


Laziness is the mother of poverty. There is no need of explaining this further.


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