Football Club that Pope Francis Supports

Football Club that Pope Francis supports has remained hidden for a long time. Pope Francis is one of the most influential leaders in the world. His level of influence is similar to that of the Queen of England and the president of the United States of America. They are known as world leaders. Pope Francis’s influence is drawn from the fact that he commands a huge number of followers of the Roman Catholic Church. Not many know about Pope Francis’s love for football and what team he supports. This article will reveal more. Pay attention. Football Club that Pope Francis Supports

Name of Football Club that Pope Francis Supports

We all expected that the highly regarded pope is a great fan of renowned and developed football clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, or even the Italian-based clubs. That seems not to be the case as the pontiff is a great supporter of the San Lorenzo football club in his native Argentina.

Why San Lorenzo?

The club seems to have a Christian Origin since it is named the Saints of San Lorenzo team. Being a great fanatic of football, the pope is a great fan of the club since it is from his hometown known as Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Football Club that Pope Francis Supports

Pope Francis Love for Argentine Football:

At the International level, Pope Francis still supports the Argentina football club. In the 2014 world cup, the pope expressed his disappointment when Argentina lost the world cup final against Germany.


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