Commentator Peter Drury Bio is amazing. Its no doubt that commentator Peter Drury loves his work in England. He is a renown football commentator who has scaled to heights of excellence and commands a massive following in all his social media handles. Today, we shall discuss keenly into the biography of this man. How much has he achieved within the years? Who is his wife and so on.

Date and Place of Birth:

Peter Drury was born on 24th of September in 1967 in England. He is an alumni of the St Johns school in Surret.

Job Achievements:

He has worked with the renown ITV sport from 1998 to 2002.

He currently works at premier league productions, Amazon video and the BT sports.

He also works with the CBS sports in the USA to cover the UEFA champions league and the UEFA Europa League.

Previous Jobs:

He worked as an accountant after the first month of graduation from the university.

Commentator Peter Drury Bio and Wife:

Peter Drury has managed to keep his love life so private. However, we established that he is married to a lady known as Vicky.


Peter and Vicky are blessed with three sons known as Adam, Joey and Dan. He lives in Hertfordshire with his family.

Commentator Peter Drury Bio and Achievements:

Peter is known all over the world for his iconic commentary moments. His poetic tongue turns football into one of the sweetest games ever. Thanks Peter.


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