Pep Guardiola’s Wife is one of the support systems that have made the Manchester City coach be successful in his career. No matter how powerful you are in life, you need support from friends and family to make it. Such has been the case with Pep who has been receiving immense support from his family. This article specializes in the biography of Pep Guardiola’s wife. Check out the following information about the beautiful wife:

Full name:

Christina Serra

When did the two marry each other:

The two lovebirds dated for a while before finally resiting their marriage vows in the year 2014.

Pep Guardiola's Wife

Pep Guardiola’s Wife Nationality and Year of Birth:

Christina was born in Italy in the year 1973. She is currently 48 years of age.

Occupation of Pep Guardiola’s Wife:

You might be wondering the fashionist aspect of Pep Guardiola, despite being such a high-ranking football manager. Most of his styles of dressing have been influenced by his wife who is a fashionista. Christina grew up being surrounded by fashion since her family owned one of the popular clothing stores in Spain. Apart from being a Fashionista, Christina is also a Brazilian Journalist and a writer.

Where did the two meet Each other:

Every love story has a Genesis. The two love birds met when they were still teenagers back in Spain. Pep came around to shop in the store and that’s where the two met. As it is said, the rest is history. To read more on Thomas Tuchel’s wife, click on Thomas Tuchel’s Wife, Her Biography, age, Nationality and Her Occupation

Untold Facts of Pep Guardiola’s Wife:

She met the love of her life 24 years ago. When she met Pep, she was 18 years of age. What an amazing love story that began quite some years back. To read more on Local African news, click on

The Couples Children:

The two have been blessed with three children Known as Marius, Valentina, and Maria.

Pep Guardiola's Wife

Pep Guardiola’s Wife Hobbies:

According to a live interview, she confessed to being a great lover of reading books, photography, and poetry. To return to our main website, click on

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