Paul Pogba is one of the renown football stars in England as well as France. He has represented his country in several international games and has even won the world cup with France. They say behind every successful man, there is a woman. I tend to agree with the statement as Paul Pogba owes much of his success to his lovely wife. Today, we shall discuss more of the stunning beauty. Take a look.

Paul Pogba’s wife Full name :

Maria Zulay Salaues alias Zulay Pogba.

Paul Pogba


Year of Birth and age:

As of 2021, Maria is 27 years of age, having been born in 1994.

Year of Marriage:

Paul Pogba seems to be winning it all, in and out of the pitch. It is the joy of every man to marry the woman of his dreams and same case is with Pogba. The two loverbirds tied the knot in 2017. Maria has been very instrumental in Paul Pogba’s football career as she was spotted severally watching his man play both at Juventus and during the 2018 world cup.

Place of Birth

Maria Zulay was born in Robore, Bolivia. Its worth noting that her husband Paul Pogba was born and raised up in France.


Maria is a famous personality in the world. Her fame rose even before she started dating Paul Pogba. She is a very famous American actress, model and a internet personality. To return to our main website, click on

Paul Pogba’s wife Ethnicity

Maria is of the Asian-American personality.

Maria’s Education

Maria is a graduate of the University of Bolivia. She pursued a bachelors degree in Business Administration. Maria has decided to pursue her dream career in Miami Frorida. To read more on EPL clubs with the highest fan base, click on

Current and Previous works

She has worked for big television brands and campaigns.


A model indeed needs a good height. The good news is that Maria is 158 cm in height.

Hair colour

She is brown in colour.


The stunning model is 54 kg in weight.  To receive help with your assignment and class work, kindly click on


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