Patrick Vieira’s Wife is one of the industrious ladies around the globe. She has excelled not only as a wife to a renowned football manager but also in her own capacity. Her looks, nice taste of fashion, and curvaceous body is something that has made many admire her. Indeed Patrick was good at selecting the mother of his children. Later I will be sharing photos of Cheryl but as of now, let’s have a little biography about this beautiful lady. Take a look:

Full Name:

Cheryl Plaza Vieira

Patrick Viera’s Wife: Age

Relationships are meant to be unique and different in their own way. Patrick Vieira is eight years younger than his wife. Cheryl was born in 1968, meaning she is currently aged 53. Patrick on the other side just clocked 45 years.

Patrick Vieira's Wife

Patrick Viera’s Wife Nationality:

The beautiful lady was born in Trinidad, meaning that her nationality is Trinidadian. To read more on Pep Guardiola’s wife, click on Pep Guardiola’s Wife, Her Biography, Facts, Nationality and Occupation

When Did the two start a relationship:

Their relationship has come a long way and dates back to the days when Patrick Vieira was a midfielder at Arsenal Football Club. Patrick was known for his highly competitive style of play, aggressiveness, and shooting skills. To read on Local Kenyan News, Click on

Patrick Vieira's Wife

Patrick Viera’s Wife Occupation:

No details have been revealed so far associating her with any occupation. However, many believe that Cheryl is a full-time mother who spends time in the house taking care of the children. To read more on David Moyes wife, click on David Moyes’ Wife, Her biography, age, Nationality and Occupation

Wedding Dates:

Patrick finally married the love of his wife Cheryl in a colorful wedding ceremony in 2005 that was attended by many Arsenal football stars and big names. Thierry Henry was also present to witness his teammate tieing the knot. To return to the main website, click on

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