Online Jobs have become the new norm and trend, especially after the levels of joblessness in the country have continued to increase each day. The growth of Internet and telecommunication departments have enabled many citizens to access stable internet connection thus boosting the availability of online jobs.

Are you sited at home and broke? Do you have access to stable internet and a computer near you? If so, this article is best suited for you and I shall be showing you how I make money literally from the Internet. Here are the top paying websites.


For Years now, remotask website has topped as one of the best paying websites in the entire world. Taskers are just required to perform simple unlimited tasks that pay around 0.05 dollars per task. Let me show you how you can earn great from this website

The tasks performed are very simple and require less time hence you can perform as many as possible. Payment is on weekly basis through PayPal then you can later convert it to Mpesa. Here is the link to join Remo tasks and begin receiving payments right away.


2.Youtube Shorts:

Through YouTube shorts, you can literally earn millions without posting your own content. This means that you will download videos belonging to others, edit and post them and begin earning.

Through YouTube shorts, the YouTube company has promised to pay the best creators of YouTube shorts with close to 100 million dollars. For illustrations on how to earn through YouTube shorts, click my own YouTube channel and subscribe where i have posted various shorts:

3.Our Fashion Passion Website:

Are you passionate about blogging and getting paid? Well, our is one of the best paying websites that pays direct to my PayPal every beginning of the month. I am not talking of theory but practical things. Try them today.

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