Just recently, Old Trafford was named as one of the most favorite stadiums for football fans in England. It’s no doubt that Manchester United has the highest number of football fans in the entire world, thanks to the times of Alexander Ferguson who converted the team to a giant club. Manchester united uses the old Strafford for all their home games since the stadium was opened to the general public. Today, we shall be analyzing why the name old Trafford. Take a look.

Current Location of the Stadium:

The Old Trafford is located in Stretford, Greater Manchester in England.

Old Trafford

Reason Why Manchester United’s Stadium is known as Old Trafford: History of the name:

Old Trafford is an area in Greater Manchester, England. It is the site that hosts the Old Trafford football club, the Old Trafford cricket ground, and the Lancashire country cricket club.

Old Trafford

Derivation of the name Old Trafford:

During ancient times, the old Trafford was a crossing point used by the natives of England to cross the River Irwell. The name dates back to when there were two Trafford halls in the region. One was named the old Trafford hall and the second one was known as the New Trafford Hall. The old Trafford hall was the home to the Trafford family that lived in the place in the year 1017. That’s quite many centuries ago.

The old Trafford hall was later demolished but the area grew to be known as the old Trafford, thanks to the Botanical gardens at the area and the building of the canal transport system that converted the old Trafford to a metropolitan area. Later, a stadium was build in the region and named the Old Trafford Stadium.

Old Trafford

The bombing of the Old Trafford Stadium.

Some years back in 1941, England was at war with the Germans in world war two. A bomb mistakenly hit the old Trafford stadium, bring the facility into rambles. It was closed from the year 1941 to the year 1949, forming the Manchester United team to train at a nearby rival’s stadium.




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