Old Trafford has come a long way to be what it is today. The magnificent stadium is the current home ground to English giants Manchester United football club. Franked with a beautiful combination of red and Black colors, the stadium looks lovable from both the outside and the inside, no wonder it was voted as the most loved stadium by fans in England. War has its effect and today we shall be looking at the history of the club where it was bombed during the second world war.

Where did the bombing occur:

The heavy bombing took place in the city of Manchester and its surrounding. The entire North West England was affected by the heavy bombing.

Old Trafford Bombing

Who was responsible for the bombing:

The Germans were at war with England and the entire world was at war with one country or the other. The Manchester bombing was crafted and performed by the German Luftwaffe.

Other Buildings damaged:

The Manchester bombing is said to have intensified on the night of 22/23 December 1940 though the Manchester Stadium was destroyed in 1941. The free trade hall, the Royal Exchange building, and the Manchester Cathedral were among the magnificent buildings destroyed.

Old Trafford Bombing

Exact Bombing Dates:

On March 11, 1941,  a bomb aimed at the Industrial complex of Trafford park missed its mark and landed on the Old Trafford football stadium, bring it to a mere retch and demolishing a high percentage of its stands. The entire Manchester United team relocated to Manchester City’s Maine Road stadium where they played for the next 8 years until the stadium was reopened in 1949.

Old Trafford Bombing

War Between England and Germany.

The Germans mercilessly continued with their air attacks against England, destroying their commercial hubs and world trade centers. In June 1941, they destroyed the manchester police headquarters using their flying bombs.

Who Ordered the Bombing.

The mistaking bombing of Old Trafford was ordered by Adolf Hitler and it remains one of the painful reminders of the effects of war to the people of Manchester and England at large.




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