As we usually say at all times, it is never a dull moment in Kenya. With the high political temperatures in the country coupled up by the tough economic times, we all admit that we need a moment to brighten up our minds and to laugh a little bit. Internet at its best, has erupted yet again, this time round capturing Jackline Wairimu, a Kiambu Lady.

The Kiambu socialite has sparkled mixed reactions amongst kenyans who think that she is asking too much in a country where finer and better looking ladies sometimes are married for free. Ms wairimu said that any man interested in her must pay the amount to her parents for taking care of her.

The fine lady was also directly recording saying the following words: ”Anyone interested in marrying me must pay 12.3 million shillings to my lovely parents who took care of me” Jackline posted.

Kenyans have come out in large numbers to condemn her with many arguing out that she has already aged and that some of her body organs are already fallen soldiers.

This brings us to the core issue of dowry payment especially in Kenya. Young men are facing it rough since the parents to the girls have risen the bride price too high. Many prefer to impregnate a lady, initiating a come we stay marriage. The trend is fast spreading in the country rather than going through the normal dowry payment schemes. What do you think. Is Ms Wairimu worth the amount she claims?

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