As it is said, love is a sweet feeling that everyone should experience at one point or the other in their life. To love is one thing and to be loved back is even sweeter. Welcome from wherever part of the world you are reading this from, Mpya News is a home for all. The internet has erupted yet again after a sensational video of Dancer David Moya surprising a beautiful Kenyan lady emerged.

In the video, the sensational David Moya arrived with his ‘tools’ and music ready to execute the cute dance, as he always does. Carrying flowers with one hand and chocolates with the other, Moya danced to the tune of the famous ”Mi Amour song”, creating an electrifying moment and a romantic one not only for the lady but also for the neighboring customers who stared enviously. At the point where Moya knelt down to present the flowers, everyone around could not help but appreciate through clapping and massively cheering. Here is the video:

The lady who was chilling in the company of a friend seemed to be a little bit ”sad”. However, this did not last long as the fantastic dance moves by David Moya cheered her up. Our team on the ground has successfully identified the beautiful lady as Esther, though the finer details of her still remain unknown to us. It was clear that the boyfriend was apologizing to her. There followed a tight hug from the boyfriend signaling that the apology had been probably accepted. I hope you all get to enjoy such a queenly treatment at one point or the other in your life. Here at Mpya News Kenya, we wish the young couple all the best in their love life.



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