Movable stadiums are one of the latest developments in the football arena. Qatar seems to be doing their things in a special way this time round. They have built magnificent stadiums from group stages all the way to the finals. Thing are getting better with time even as the days draw closser. In the year 2017, the government of Qatar unveiled details of the movable stadium.

Location and name of the Movable stadium:

The stadium goes by the name Stadium 974. It is located in the city of Doha, Qatar.

Movable Stadium

Details of the Movable Stadium.

The stadium is an ambiguous project that was launched in the year 2017 but is coming into a reality. The stadium is made up of used shipping containers made of steel structure assembled together to resemble a stadium. Isn’t it magnificient?

Sitting Capacity of the Movable stadium:

The stadium is set to host a whooping population of 40,000 sitted fans.

Movable Stadium

Reason behind the design of the Movable Stadium:

The stadium has been designed by Fenrick Iribarren architects and is set to be the first ever movable stadium in the entire world. The stadium ensures the country makes use of reused shipping containers as well as cutting down the cost of building a concrete football stadium.

Structural Engineers?

Renown engineers have been involved in making the project a success. They include the famous Schlaich Bergermann and partners.


This project would have not turned out to be as magnificient as it is were it not for the efforts of the Qatar’s supreme committee for delivery and legacy.

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