Most Beautiful Football Stadiums in the World; Football has grown over the years to be one of the most loved sports in the world. The industry is also a booming generator of income with clubs and football academies receiving billions of money from fans and sponsors. In turn, the fans buy tickets to various stadiums to watch their favorite superstars play. Those who have been to a stadium can agree that a ticket is not cheap. Football clubs have invested in world-class state of art stadiums that depict not only beauty and elegance but also are artistic masterpieces. Today, we shall look at the five most beautiful football stadiums in the world.

1.Al Bayt Stadium(QATAR)

It is arguably one of the most outstanding stadiums in the world. It will host the 2022 matches until the semi-final stage and has a sitting capacity of 60,000. Since the tradition of the nomadic community of Qatar is to use tents, the stadium is designed in a way to mimic their lives as it resembles a tent.

2. Soccer city, South Africa.

The stadium became famous as it hosted several matches during the 2010 world cup in the country. It was built in 1989 and is located in the heart of South Africa, Johannesburg City. It has a whooping capacity of 100,000. Lights on the sideways of the stadium make it such a stunning beauty.

3. Allianz Area, Germany

The iconic stadium has stood out to be the most beautiful football stadium in Germany. It is owned by the Bayern Munchen club that plays in the Bundesliga topflight league.  The stadium changes its color depending on the football clubs that are playing in it.

4. Al Thumama stadium, QATAR.

Even with a sitting capacity of 40,000 fans, the stadium is a stunning beauty built to mimic a traditional woven cap worn by Arab males. The stadium will be used in the 2022 world cup.

5.Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro

It was built in 1950 must still remain one of the architectural beauty to even have been displayed in a stadium.



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