There is no doubt to the fact that the United states of America is home to some of the most beautiful ladies in the entire world. Talk about the nice taste of fashion, talk of their curvaceous bodies, they literally have everything you need in a woman. Beautiful American women are make head turns with their appealing bodies. I have lined up a list of the ladies that have made it to my list of the top 5 most beautiful American women 2022. Take a look.

1.Cameron Diaz:

The actress and model is no doubt one of the most beautiful ladies on the face of the earth. Through her acting on movies and series, she has won various international awards as well as growing her career and world reputation. She is admired for her sea green eyes, her curvaceous body as well as her smile.

2.Britney Spears:

The pop artist is one of the richest in the world as one as one with outstanding beauty on the face of the earth.

3.Hillay Duff:

Hillary is an accomplished singer and entrepreneur with global reputation in her body and looks.

4.Megan Fox:

For quite a while, Megan fox has been considered a sex symbol. Her body is something to die for and her hot voluptous lips and curves are something to speak of.

5.Angelia Jolie:

The actress is known for her acting talent as well as her outstanding beauty. The beautiful Diva is known for her irresistible lips and her legs speak it all.


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