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Christiano Ronaldo and Georgina expecting twins is the latest news. Christiano is no doubt one of the best footballers in the entire world. He has established himself at the league of the best for years since his early age at Lisbon and Manchester and even at the old age still at Manchester. The Portuguese forward seems to get better with age, just like fine wine. That aside, the forward seems to do well on and off the pitch. In the latest announcement, Christiano has announced that he and his partner are expecting twins.

Christiano Ronaldo and Georgina Expecting Twins

This announcement comes at the right time when Christiano Ronaldo and Georgina  have already settled in England and is currently enjoying a fairly good season. Christiano through his Instagram account has posted a photo of himself and Georgina with the caption” Delighted to announce we are expecting twins”.  He went ahead to explain that their hearts were full of love for the unborn kids and that they couldn’t wait to welcome them to the world.

With the birth of the twins, Christiano will now be a proud father of six children, making it a family of eight members. It is not the first time that Christiano is having twins. He already has a set of beautiful twin kids by the name of Eva and Mateo. Click on to return to our main website.

Christiano Ronaldo and Georgina Expecting Twins

Christiano Ronaldo’s mother went ahead to congratulate the 36-year-old son for the great move and expressed his desire for the babies to be born in a healthy manner. It should be noted that gone are the old days when twin children were undetectable till near birth or during the birth itself. With the new technology, even the sex of the child can be detected very early. Also read on

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