Marketable Diploma courses are plenty in Kenya. If you are reading this, it means that probably you or your loved one might have missed a spot in the University entry or might have missed your dream degree by very few points. I know t might be hurting at times, but worry less. Research conducted by our grounds men show that employees are now preferring to employ diploma students since they are seen to be fully baked with skills and will require less salary compared to their degree counterparts. For this reason, I have taken time to analyze some of the best diploma and certificate courses for the C plain to D+ student. Take a look at what I have to offer;

1.Diploma in Nursing:

There is no doubt to the fact that nurses are hotcakes out here. Despite the course having high minimal entry requirements, many c plain students with good scores in Biology and chemistry will easily find their way in.

2.Diploma in Purchasing and supplies:

This is best suited for the c minus student. Many companies will require the services of purchase and supplies officers. You can try out your luck in one of your favorite institutions of higher learning.

3.Diploma in web and graphic design:

If you are reading this article, it has been made available to you because the writer is posting it from a website. The number of websites in the country are fast growing. With a C minus, you can easily find this course.

4.Diploma in sales and marketing:

Even though you will not earn much money during your initial days in this career, the future is brighter as you gain more experience and take on higher challenges.

5. Certificate in Hotel and Catering:

Even though employment fails or delays in this sector, you can easily employ yourself by opening a self propelled bakery within the country. This course is ideal for the D+ Student.

6.Journalism and mass communication

You have heard that the Media personnel’s are paid a lucratively high amount of money and it is true. The good thing with this course is diversification. Journalists are spread across written and oral news, you don’t have to appeal on Citizen tv for people to believe that you are a journalist.


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