Education is no longer the key to success. Times have changed and we must adapt to the new changes, rest we fail forever in our life. In as much as our country has minimal job opportunities for our graduates, we are part of the problem. For years, we have continued pursuing careers that are not marketable in our country. I tend to think that it is time to change various aspects of our education. In regards to that, I have prepared a list of the courses I feel, based on experience, are the Most Marketable Degrees and Courses in Kenya 2022:

1.Bachelor of Education:

The TSC has just announced an acute shortage of teachers across the country, especially now that the CBC is entering into the secondary stages. Teachers will forever needed. Give it a thought.

2.Bachelor of Medicine:

Medicine is considered one of the most challenging courses in Kenya. The country is in an actual shortage of doctors as many hospitals are being built up daily.

3.Bachelor or diploma in Nursing:

Nurses are among the most employable people in Kenya as the country still faces an acute shortage of the medical practitioners.

4.Computer science and Information Technology related courses:

With the country moving towards the digital era, the need for computer experts in on the rise. Grab the opportunity to become one. It is one of the Most Marketable Degrees and Courses in Kenya 2022.


Careers available for lawyers include and not limited to judges, prosecutors, legal officers, corporate lawyers and many more. You can also join the private sector as a registered advocate.


If you want a course that requires knowledge and skills, then pharmacy is one of the best choices. Pharmaceutical companies are coming up with the latest research and innovations and you might land yourself a highly paying job.



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