Mario Gomez wife must be a charming and an intelligent lady for such a world class football player to settle on. Times are really moving fast and the young footballers we thought were too young during those days are now into serious relationships. Gomez has been dating for a couple of years and this specific page is dedicated to the biography of his current girlfriend. Take a look.

Mario Gomez’s wife: Full name:

Those away from their social media platforms might not be aware that Mario is married to Caring Wanzung.

Mario Gomez's wife

For how long have they been dating:

Length of the relationship may at times be an indicator of how strong the bond is. Believe it or not, Mario and his girlfriend are almost clocking 10 years of dating since they started a serious relationship back in 2012.

Mario Gomez’s wife: Career and Occupation.

Football players have a thing for models and Gomez is not an exception. Caring is a model by profession, a thing she loves doing, on and off the pitch.

Mario Gomez's wife

Has Mario had Past Relationships before dating Model Caring?

There is a famous saying that dictates you must kiss many frogs before finally landing to your prince or princess charming. It is true that Mario, being a public figure has had a number of failed relationships in the past. From 2009 to 2012, he was in a relationship with Silvia Miechel but things did not work out perfectly to the end.

Mario Gomez’s wife: Children:

The couple just legalized their relationship in a happy marriage and both of them have no children at the moment.

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