Marcos Alonso’s Girlfriend is as stunning as his boyfriend. The two are probably what people call a perfect match from heaven. Have you seen their photos together? You will agree with me that they are meant for each other. I pray that one day you will find someone who loves you for real and if you have one, take care of them. That aside, this biography will focus on the details of Marcos Alonso’s girlfriend and everything you need to know about the beautiful lady. Take a look.

Full name:

Stephania Stegman

Nationality of Marcos Alonso’s Girlfriend

Quite a number of people may consider nationality as one of the factors during the marriage. Well, in this case, Stephania is a Paraguayan by nationality. To read more on local news around the world, click on

Occupation of Marcos Alonso’s Girlfriend

Football players have a thing for models! If you do your research, you will arrive at the fact that quite a high number of footballers are likely to date models. That is a similar case with Marcos Alonso who is dating a supermodel. To read on Romeo Lukaku’s Girlfriend, click on Lukaku’s Biography, girlfriend and Salary at Chelsea Football Club

Marcos Alonso's Girlfriend

When did the two Begin dating:

Sources have told Daily Football updates that Alonso and Stephania started dating back in 2019. The couple is yet to announce publicly that they are dating. They might be also looking forward to a wedding and a happy marriage thereafter. To read more on Mateo Kovacic and his girlfriend, click on Mateo Kovacic’s Wife, Her Biography, age, Occupation and Her Nationality

Titles held by Marcos Alonso’s Girlfriend

Being a model, she has held high-end titles around the globe. She was formerly crowned Miss Supranational in the year 2015.

Is she supportive of her Boyfriend’s Career?

Having a supportive wife in your career is a super addition. Stephania has been supportive of her boyfriend through thick and thin even at his low moments while playing for Chelsea football club. The two were also supported playing soccer together on the sandy beaches during holida. To return  to our main website, click on

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