Marco Reus Wife is a famous topic on most social media platforms, blogs and websites. The Borussia Dortmund captain has been linked to several ladies on different occasions. Whether he is dating or not shall be confirmed in this article. Today we take a look at the beautiful lady who has been dating Marco Reus for quite a while. We shall dig deep into her biography and what she does for a living. Take a look.

Full name of Marco Reus Wife:

The beautiful lady goes by the name Scarlett Gartmann.

Date and Year of Birth.

She was born on October 28th in 1993 at a place known as Hagen.

Marco Reus Wife

How long have the two been dating:

According to a dating website, the two lovebirds have been together for nearly 8 years since they started dating in 2014. They are now happily married.

Marco Reus Wife

Marco Reus Girlfriend: Current age.

In most relationships, age is a very crucial factors that must be put to place. Some ladies believe that a man should be older than them while others just consider age as a number. In this relationship, Marco is the older one at 32 years of age while Scarlett follows closely at 28 years.

Marco Reus Wife

Date of Marriage:

They have been happily married since 2019.

Marco Reus Wife: Career and Hobbies.

Scarlett is a model by profession. She has also fallen in love with horse riding, a thing that has kept her busy for quite a while.


The two have been blessed with a number of children with the couple welcoming their first child in 2019.

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