Manchester United is one of the big five football clubs based in Manchester, United Kingdom. The club plays in English top-flight side commonly known as the Premier League. Over the years, the club has established itself as one of the best in England and the European Union as well. In this article, our key focus is on the owners of Manchester United Football Club, their manner of management as well as their source of income. Take a close look at the subsequent paragraphs. To return to our main website, click on

Initial name and Formation of the Club.

In the year 1878, a club by the name Newton Heath LYR football club was formed by the workers of a nearby railway depot. The club experienced growth and subsequent splits to develop into the modern-day Manchester United football club.

Who are the Glazers Family:

It is a rich family led by MalcomGlazer that controls a great deal of major investments around the world. Toread more on the ownership of Newcastle football club, click on :

Manchester United

Previous Owners of Manchester United:

From starting up as a community-based football club, Manchester United has undergone a series of leadership takeover as illustrated below:

1984-1989 : Media Tycoon Robert maxwell

1989-1991: Michael Knighton

1991: Public entity

1998: Rupert Murdoch’s BskyB corporation

September 2003: Malcom Glazer.

How the Glazers took control of the club:

September 2003 marked the inception of the glazers into the leadership of Manchester United Football Club. Glazer slowly started increasing the shareholding from 3% to 15% in the same year. By the year 2004, his stake at the company had doubled to 40%.

In the year 2005, he acquired more  stakes, moving his net total to 57%. With time he moved to 75% ownership, later 98% and finannly he was at 100% full control of the club, amount to 800 million Euros.

Source of wealth for the Glazer Family:

They draw their vast wealth firm the vast properties and real estate businesses they operate through the First Allied corporation.

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