Manchester City Football Club Owner and His Source of Wealth

Manchester City Football Club Owner and His Source of Wealth: Manchester City is one of the renowned football clubs in the English premier league. The club has recently risen to glory after a major investment by its owners. It should be noted that the progress of any football club is majorly determined by its owners.

Manchester City is fully owned by the City football group. It is an Abu Dhabi-based company that has major investments from all corners of the world. Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan is the highest shareholder of the City football group. He is hence the rightful owner of this multi-billion empire. He is also the founder of the City football group that owns Manchester City FC.

Manchester City Football Club Owner and His Source of Wealth

Sheikh Mansour is a wealthy man by all means. He is a member of the ruling family of the United Arab Emirates. Mansour is also the current minister of presidential affairs in the United Arab Emirates. Sheikh Mansour draws his wealth from the Aaabar Investment which stakes in the Virgin Galactic and the Daimler company. He also draws his wealth from businesses run by his extended family.

Just the other day, Manchester City was just a mediocre football club with less fans and less resources. Sheikh Mansour has made us witness the power of Money and what resources can do. I tend to agree with the writer who claimed that with money, 90% of your problems are solved.

Manchester City Football Club Owner and His Source of Wealth

This comes in the awake of the England takeover the football clubs, with the nation adding more measures to foreigners who want to own clubs within  the United Kingdom. You must adhere to some rules and regulations.

Sheikh Mansour is not stopping any moment has he has intensified his investment over the club pumping more billions of money in buying world class players and improving the already existing state of art training facilities. Thanks for reading.


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