There is a common phrase that it is very difficult to separate identical twins or triplets as they tend to remain together for the better parts of their life. As much as it is rare to find identical triplets, they still exist. A certain Congolese man has become the latest talk of the town for handling three women at once and fully satisfying them.

The Congolese man successfully identified as Luwizo has proven to be the man of the match. Months ago, he married three sisters to the altar on the same day. The 32 year old man lives in Karen, South Kivu, in the Democratic republic of Congo.

The three identical sisters who accepted to marry the same man have been identified as Natalie, Natege and Natasha, all from Congo. The trend seems to gain popularity in the African continent. Just recently, a Nigerian Man identified as Muhammed Alfa married two twin sisters Adama and Aisha Mallama in a colorful wedding attended by many.

The Congolese man claims that he first befriended Natalie through the facebook app. When time came for him to meet her, Natalie introduced him to the other sisters. Luwizo, could not differentiate the three beauties. It was a difficult puzzle for him and that is how they all fell in love with him.

Since the triplets have been inseparable, Mr Luwizo chose to marry them, maybe they will remain united to each other till death. Speaking on how they managed the whole turn of event, one of the triplets revealed to Mpya News that they were the ones who asked the man to marry all of them, much to his shock. He almost fainted.

Nonetheless, the ladies have expressed that none of them is regretful of the marriage. They are all happy and fully satisfied as the man fulfills all their desires to the last wish. However, the parents to the triplets despised their decision and thus did not attend the wedding.

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