''Izo Hatuwezi Kunywa!'' kenyan Men Respond to Male Contraceptive pills

In a society where the burden of family planning is entirely dependent on ladies, it will become very difficult to introduce male contraceptives. How will it sound when your hubby tells you that he is currently on pills and that he is safe to have conjugal affairs with! Sounds quite funny, right? Let me tell you the main reason as to why none of the Kenyan men will take the contraceptives.

The developing issue of male contraceptives’ is continuing to spark reactions from different people across our beautiful nation. With the world fast developing, the health sector is not lagging behind as multiple discoveries are made in the industry daily.

''Izo Hatuwezi Kunywa!'' kenyan Men Respond to Male Contraceptive pills

A team of scientists from America have reported that the developing male oral contraceptive has proven to be 99% effective in mice which were being used as specimen for test. During the period of the usage of the drugs, the mice sperms were infertile and had a very small ability to impregnate.

The drug is set to enter the human trial stages later this year. According to this research done by the America chemical society, the development is set to radicalize the entire industry, offering expansion in family planning methods. Researchers feel that it is the right time for males to equally bear the burden in birth controls.

In a Facebook post by NTV Kenya, many men have since opposed the move, arguing out that the drugs are likely to bring with them swing moods and enlargement of body organs just as it happens in ladies.

''Izo Hatuwezi Kunywa!'' kenyan Men Respond to Male Contraceptive pills

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