Harry Maguire has been under intense heat for the way he defended his club, Manchester United during the concluded English Premier League. The English International has been engaged and married to the love of his life, details that I am just about to share with you.

Full name of Harry Maguire’s wife:

The beautiful lady goes by the name Fern Hawkins.

When did the two get engaged?

In the year 2019, Maguire posted on Instagram that the two lovebirds were expecting a child together. This means that the two have been together for a longer time than we can all imagine of. The genesis of this love story still remains unknown to us as the two are very secretive.

Where and when did the two get married:

Maguire and Fern got married in the year 2022 in a secret wedding attended by just a few close relatives and friends. The couple, wedded in secret at the famous Crewe registry office.

Hawkins support for Maguires career:

It is said that behind every successfully man, there is the sure support of a very beautiful lady. Such has been the case with Hawkins who has supported Maguire and seen him rise in the ranks since his humble days at Sheffield United, then to Hull city, Leicester city and now the captain of one of the best football clubs in the world, Manchester United.


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