We all admit to be in love or to have loved someone at one point or the other in life. To love someone is one of the best feelings in the world but to be loved back is even better, sweeter, more exiting! On our series of romantic talks around the city, our attention has been drawn to many ladies running for Luo guys. Our preliminary findings have indicated that 60% of the ladies love to date Luo guys. Here are the reasons you should date a Luo man and why the Luo men are winning big out here:

1.Their Top-notch Confidence:

A good number of my classmates happened to be Luos and trust me when I tell you that their confidence level at a very high peak. Luos know their worth and can never be intimidated by situations. They never let situations dictate to them. Ladies love confident men, men of valor who can stand and express themselves without fear. Luos speak with authority and confidence adding more to the reasons why your lady might ditch you for a luo man.

2.Very Romantic:

Kisumu was voted out as one of the most romantic cities in the world. This explains why the flower industry, restaurant, hotel and vacation industry as well as gift shops are excelling in Kisumu city. Truth be told that a gift shop would perform better in Kondele, Kisumu than it would do in Kiambu town. Luo men know how to show love to their babes and don’t mind spending on them. As they say, money is never a problem, the problem is how to spend the money(Read with a Luo accent).


By now you must be enjoying the article, right? Appreciation means that your hubby can publicly confess that you are the best to them. In some parts of the country, a husband introduces his wife as ”Mama watoto”. This can never happen with a Luo who will prefer to flaunt with you, hold your hand/waist in public and show the whole world that he is in love with you. Words like ”My Jaber, my Girl toto” are likely to dominate your talks during coffee dates.

4.Very Hardworking:

Luo men are equally in high positions of government offices as a result of their handwork and dedication. Their high standards of living cannot allow them to idle around.

By now I think all Luo men should contribute a penny to my Mpesa for the dignity I have restored to them! Regardless, click the link below to follow our Facebook page for more articles:



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