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Messi is one of the greatest soccer players of all time. However, it is yet a wonder why this great man is yet to receive a standing Ovation at Santiago Bernabeau. The stadium is considered to be one of the greatest in the world and rival fans arising to applaud you means you are on another level in your football career.

Just two Barcelona players have received a  standing ovation applause at the Santiago Bernabeu arena and it is a particularly significant privilege for them to think about the stiff competition between these two football clubs. It is very hard for Madrid fans to hail an opponent club player in all sense, that’s why the standing ovation is a great deal.


1. Diego Maradona Standing Ovation

The Argentine legend Diego Maradona was hailed when he scored that brilliant objective in the Copa del Rey in 1983. Maradona’s goal in 1983 was excessively acceptable to the point that the Madrid fans couldn’t resist the opportunity to give him overwhelming applause.

2. Ronaldinho Standing Ovation

Ronaldinho was given a comparative standing ovation and applause in November 2005.

3. Andreas Iniesta Standing Ovation

Andreas Iniesta got similar 10 years after what seemed to be his last El Clasico at the Santiago Bernabeu arena.


Before Ronnie’s landing in Camp Nou, Barca hasn’t dominated a game at Madrid’s ground for very nearly 10 years until Ronnie gave a pass to Xavi in 2004 that assisted Barcelona with winning 2:1 at the Santiago Bernabeu arena. Messi has played multiple times at the Santiago Bernabeu arena, with 10 successes, 1 draw, and 4 losses, he has one of the most incredible records by any Barcelona player.

Why Messi hasn’t been hailed by Madrid fans

A few reasons can be:

1. Some say as a result of his perspectives on Catalan and their freedom, which have consistently incensed plenty of Madrid’s fans, chiefs, and board individuals the same, they will not do, for example, giving him overwhelming applause.

2. Some Madrid fans accepted he kicked the ball against them in a 2011 el Clasico match and it seems they haven’t excused him.


Messi has scored numerously incredible and jaw-breaking goals at the Santiago Bernabeu arena that merits overwhelming applause for no less than 5–10 minutes (to make him the most elevated minutes given to any player in football history).In any case, the truth will surface eventually on the off chance that he will get one in no close to far off future.

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