Lionel Messi is definitely a big deal as far as football is concerned. He has clearly established himself not only among the most renowned footballers but also as one of the wealthiest. Today in this article, we focus on the most expensive item owned by one of the greatest of all time footballers in the world. It should be remembered that before his exit, Lionel Messi was the highest-paid footballer at the Camp Nou-based  football club.

In his stay at Barcelona, Messi has enjoyed a lucrative salary, thanks to his negotiation skills and his professional skills at the pitch. His salary however has not been in vain since Messi helped Barcelona to win a number of local and international trophies.

Couped up with his salary at Paris saint Germain, Messi is no doubt a rich man by all means. However like his counterpart Christiano Ronaldo, he is not a lavish person who spends on the lastest cars and fashion.

Lionel Messi

Messi’s Net worth 2021

Though his exact net worth cannot be revealed, he is said to be worth approximately $400 million.

Probably list of Most expensive Things owned by Christiano Ronaldo

Since the list of the most expensive items he owns keeps on fractuating, we shall table a number of the probable:

1.A ferrari 335 S Scaglietti spider

This is a fancy car whose price is set at a whooping $30 million.

2. One zero Eco House

This is one of the artistic masterpiece to be ever displayed in a house, The house has an helipad and is owned by Lionel Messi.

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