Lionel Messi is one of the most celebrated footballers in the world. Coaches, players, and football managers from all over the world acknowledge that the Argentine and PSG forward is one of the most talented footballers to ever grace the football arenas around the world. His skills, speed, and accuracy have earned him a number of ballon D’or awards.  This article focuses on the importance of the award and its worth. Take a look.

Name and Origin of the Award

Ballon d’or is the official name of the award. It is a french word that means ”The Golden Ball”. It is an yearly award presented by the French news magazine commonly known to many as the France Football company. The award is the most prestigious individual award in the football arena.

Lionel Messi

Year of inauguration of the Award:

The award has been issuedto the finest footballers of the world since the year 1956.

Current Holder

Lionel Messi is the current holder of the prestigious Ballon d’or Award. Lionel Messi has won the award a record number of seven times.

Inaugural Winner of the Award.

Stanley Matthews was the first winner of the award. He was a Blackpool FC player.

Net Worth of Each Ballon d’Or Award

This is a common question on google and all other social media platforms. Footballers who win the ballon d’or are not rewarded in money form but they get a trophy made of gold with which they can resell back. The award also has another form of earning. Clubs selling their player have a clause stating that if the player wins the ballon d’or, a certain percentage of money will be paid to the club selling the player.

However, since the golden ball is the trophy awarded, it is estimated to be worth $10 million. Lionel Messi has 7 trophies meaning they are worth $70 million. Thats quite a huge amount of money.



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