Lee Funeral home is the place for the departed rich and mighty members of the society. It still remains a mystery as why many prominent people in the society are taken there. It is therefore known for being the last home on earth for most of Kenya’s high and mighty.

The Mogue is located in the heart of the Nairobi city and is easily accessible. The private facility is the most preferred for the former heads of states and governments. We have witnessed the former president Daniel Moi and Mwai Kibaki’s bodies being prepared for burial by experts from this facility. On a close look at the dynasty and wealthy men of the society associated to this morgue, our focus was drawn to the owner and the founder of the facility. Take a look:

The Lee Funeral home is fully owned by one of the British Citizens living in Kenya. It seems to be  a Lucrative job despite the many odds surrounded by the death business in Kenya. Many prefer lee funeral home as the company has English speaking staff. The Morgue rose to glory when the British High commissioner’s office declared that the fallen British soldiers were to be prepared for burial at the facility henceforth.

Founded in the year 1987, Lee funeral home is owned by one, John Stuart Lee. He is the founder and the CEO. John was born and brought up in Nairobi. He served as a police officer in the United Kingdom before jetting back into the country.

The devastating state of City Mortuary served as a motivation for John to begin a simple morgue which would turn out to be a lucrative and real deal for him. Interestingly, Charles Njonjo, the then mayor of Nairobi was the one who assisted John and motivated him to bring up the facility.

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