Life is full of turn ups and downs. You never known when your hour to shine will officially come and when the stars align in your favour, utaomoka. Such has been the case with 63 year old Multimedia University lecturer whose stars decided to align through his own students.

Betting, probably remained one of the greatest evils for Dishon Kiiru until he was ”educated” by his own students on safe ways to bet and how it can be beneficial for him and his family. Dishon is now one of the richest men in the neighborhood after a sports betting company awarded him a dream home.

Dishon took the step to register with Mozzart game and successfully enrolled to a 20 game Mozzart bet that latter won him money, a brand new motorcycle and a fully furnished house in Kamakis area, just in the outskirts of Nairobi  CBD.

The lecturer insisted that it was his students who talk him the art of betting, a thing that has completely changed his life for good. Mozzart bet still remains one of the betting sites in Kenya. You should give it a trial.


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