LeBron James’s Wife is one of the beautiful ladies that has risen to the world of fame, thanks to her husband who is a renowned basketball player throughout the world. Am like, who doesn’t know Le Bron James? This biography is an eye-opener into the life of Savannah James who is his wife. Here is everything you need to know about her.

LeBron James’s Wife: Full name

Savannah James.

Where did they meet?

The adorable couple traces its union back in the days when the two schooled together at the high school level. They didn’t study in the same school but they happened to be in rival schools. That’s where their relationship began and the rest is history.

When did the two get married?

Astonishing to many is that James and the fiancee started the marriage life at a tender age even before the glory days of Lebron James. They officiated their union through a legalized marriage in 2013. However, their love story began long ago even before the marriage.

LeBron James's Wife

LeBron James’s Wife: Untold Facts

In every relationship, there must be the one who made the first move. Savannah has always been a go getter and an independent woman. It is not a surprise that she was the one who made the first move in their relationship. She was the one who took James’s number and went ahead to initiate a conversation.

LeBron James's Wife

LeBron James’s Wife: Instagram Handles

She is famous over Instagram as her account attracts over 2 million active followers. She uses the name mrs_savannahrj.

LeBron James’s Wife: Occupation and Businesses.

She owns a number of high-end businesses across the world. She has a juicery that she opened in 2013 and now owns a furniture line that she initiated in 2018.

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