Landcruiser V8 Fuel Consumption

Landcruiser V8 Fuel Consumption might be high as many claim. You must have heard of the name V8 being mentioned near you, or you have seen a V8 in your locality. They are known to be the vehicles of the wealthy in society. Some have nicknamed the vehicles ”Fuel Guzzlers” due to the high consumption of fuel per kilometer. Is it true that these vehicles consume that high amount of fuel? Let’s find out in the subsequent paragraphs below.

Landcruiser V8 Fuel Consumption

According to the statistics conducted by, a company that deals with the import and export of vehicles, a petro version with 5.7 liter V8 engine consumes more than 20 liters per 100 km on an average level. This translates to around 0.2 litres per kilometer. However, consumption depends on the engine capacity of the vehicle. Modern V8 engines have typically between 3.5 to 6.4 L.

Landcruiser V8 Fuel Consumption

The V8 vehicles are used by the wealthy because the engine has eight cylinders capable of producing more power hence the car is able to accelerate faster. It should be noted that an idling V8 is likely to consume more fuel than the rest of the vehicles because the engine makes more revolutions combining fuel with air than normal cars.  You have all seen that the Landcruiser V8 Consumption of fuel is quite high.


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