Lamar Jackson’s girlfriend has hit the headlines on several occasions due to her outstanding personality and beauty. She has been hailed out to the very industrious, charming and supportive of Lamar’s career as an American football champion. In this article, we focus on the lady who is dating one of the most successful American football players, Lamar Jackson. Take a look.

Full name

Jamie Taylor

Where did the two lovebirds meet?

You have to really dig deep into the websites to find out an hint of Lamar Jackson’s love life. However, we have got all of it lined up here for you in this article. Lamar and Jamie met back in 2017 when schooling together at the University of Lousville. The two have been dating ever since.

Lamar Jackson's Girlfriend

Lamar Jackson’s Girlfriend Social Media Handles:

Jamie has  managed to keep her life private, away from the social limelight as none of her social media accounts have been discovered yet. However, we shall keep you updated on any changes made by her.

Lamar Jackson's Girlfriend

Her Hobbies:

Jamie has stood out to be a big fan and supporter of Harry Potter as she was imaged posing for a photo on the same issue of discussion, when Jackson dressed up like Harry potter.

Lamar Jackson’s Girlfriend: Age

Ladies are very secretive with age. However, Since Lamar  just turned 22 years of age, it is expected that probably Jamie will be turning 20 years. Click on to read on local news.

Lamar Jackson’s Girlfriend: Ethnicity

Jamie Taylor’s ethnicity is black. To read more on Patrick Mahomes, click on Patrick Mahomes Biography, Girlfriend, age, Investments and Untold Facts


Just recently, Lamar’s first born child made headlines after she was dressed in Halloween costumes for her birthday, winning hearts with the cute outlook. The daughter is known as Lani.

Lamar Jackson’s Girlfriend Occupation:

She is currently a house wife, taking care of their little adorable daughter. To return to the main website, click on

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