Red Flags that your Girlfriend is very cheap and can easily fall for another Guy

Signs to Know that your Girlfriend is very cheap and can easily fall for another Guy: The world is fast changing, one minute you are in love and the other minute, the love of your life disappears with another man. This takes a matter of seconds for you to experience the sweet side of love and the worst side. However, your lover doesn’t simply wake up from no where and ask for a breakup. It takes a process and there red flags you should be watching for. A number of ladies have been termed as ”cheap” and can easily move from one man to another. Here are red flags to watch.

1.Always comparing you with her ex:

A lady who is always comparing you with her ex is a red flag. No matter the effort you put in trying to win her, my brother, you will always fail. Get it from me, never date a lady who still has feelings for her former boyfriend. It will end in premium tears for you. When the ex comes knocking, she will easily be swayed to his side and you will be left crying to us via WhatsApp.

Red Flags that your Girlfriend is very cheap and can easily fall for another Guy


Everyone loves money, truth be told. It is not a ladies affair alone. However, a lady who loves money too much is a red flag, especially if you as a man, is not financially able. What does this mean? It is a clear sign that when she gets someone  with more more money is most likely to be swayed to his side.

3.A lady with a gang of ladies:

For the lack of a better subtitle, I choose to call it that way. My brother, if your lady has a gang of other ladies that they hang out with, you are more likely to be left and that your replacement has already been found. Ladies who are friends to your lady will always feel that you are not the best for her. Elimination will chip in and guess who will be out, you!

4.Too much into conjugal affairs:

If your lady is madly in love with conjugal affairs to an extent that she can’t stay for days without, I have news for you. When you are away, there is always someone servicing the machine. See you in the next exclusive article.



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