An Eldoret man identified as Kipkirui has shocked the entire nation after doing the unthinkable. The man is said to have fallen in love with a beautiful lady from Muranga county. For months, Kipkirui and his friends together with the immediate family members had planned to visit the lady and her family in Muranga. Finally, the day arrived and the delegation set off from eldoret to Muranga. Here is what transpired.

Drama was witnessed after Kipkirui walked out of the ongoing Dowry ceremony citing too much exploitation and unnecessary fines. Kipkirui cited that he had paid close to Kshs 50,000 to cater for the food, tent and chairs together with the hiring of a public address system.

He had also set aside Kshs 60,000 as bride price that was agreed by the two families. For having impregnated the lady before the dowry ceremony, Kipkirui was slapped with a Kshs 20,000 fine non-negotiable.

Things proved to be out of hands when he was added a fine of Kshs 10,000 for using a wrong path to locate the girl’s homestead. As if that was not enough, the elders fined the young Kipkirui an addition of Ksh 5,000 for arriving late and making the elders to wait for him.

The ceremony continued as norm, with the Muranga side going ahead to cover 12 girls with the same type of dressing. The ladies were covered from head to toe and no single part of the body was viewable. Kipkirui was then asked to identify his lady. What followed was an additional Ksh 15,000 fine for pointing at the wrong lady.

The mother of all exploitations was when Kipkirui was asked to pay kshs 500,000 used by the girl’s parents during the process of educating her. The furious Kipkirui excused himself to a nearby latrin and left never to be seen again. Our preliminary reports indicate that he was lastly spotted in a Matatu headed to Nairobi.



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