‘Mabwana zenu wanasimp inbox yangu’ Male Model Kinuthia warns Kenyan Ladies: Kinuthia has done it again! This time, he has sent a warning to all Kenyan ladies. As we always say, there is never a boring day in Kenya. For those not familiar with the current trends in social media and tiktok, there is a new cross dresser in town by the name Kinuthia. He is now arguing out that men are falling for his looks on the internet. Here is what he had to say:

”Stop showing my videos to your husbands and boyfriends. I see them in my DMs and I cant resist good things”. This was his actual sentiment while jokingly warning Kenyan ladies. In an interview with Mpya News Kenya, Kelvin Kinuthia has revealed how an old ”mubaba” was making seductive advances on him. The ”Mubaba” later disappeared when he realized that Kinuthia was a man.

'Mabwana zenu wanasimp inbox yangu' Model Kinuthia warns Kenyan Ladies

In a separate Interview, Kinuthia has constantly clarified that he is not gay and that he was just acting to gain more followers on the ground -it is part of acting. Kinuthia has also come under fire after a man accused him of scamming a fellow man over Kshs 350,000, an allegation that he has since denied. The money is said to have been sent to him as fare.

According to the rumour, the senders were confusing Kinuthia for Justin Kioko who had received the money from Godfrey Owino who wanted him to travel from kilifi to Siaya County. Hii kenya Kumbe mkona pesa ivi!




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